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MediSpa Facials & Laser Clinique Body Treatments

All of our spa and salon services come with complimentary drinks and snacks for our clients!
Meals can be ordered and served to our clients requesting services exceeding 2 hours.

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All of our facials start with a proper cleansing and exfoliation as well as are finished with toning, moisturizing and sun protection. Complimentary shoulder and scalp massage come with all facials. Packages are available!


Hollywood Glamour Customized Facial

After a brief consult and examination of your skin, your skin care specialist creates a facial with products fit specifically for your skin type! We use steam for exfoliation to remove blackheads, congestions and surface impurities followed by serums, boosters and a facial mask customized just for you! For revealing your own fresh, smooth and glowing complexion!

Suited for: All skin types that do not require the use of advanced treatments.
$150 | 50 min

Cleopatra's 22 Karat Gold Facial

Gold was used by ancient civilizations to remedy skin problems and it boast of powerful healing and anti aging properties. It also helps reverse the oxidation damage to collage fibers, which in turn accelerate the regeneration of healthy new cells. For bringing back your younger and glowing skin!

Suited for: aging skin
$90 | 50 min

BioBOTOX Non-Surgical Face Lift

Our ultimate lifting, firming, and rejuvenating treatment. Peptide infusion therapy is an anti-aging break through that delivers visible results in just one treatment. This is the newest european procedure for lifting and firming using hyaluronic acid, peptides and LED light therapy.

Suited for: all skin types, best for aging skin
$150 | 60 min

Rose Facial

This relaxing and rejuvenating facial comes with a complimentary rose drink served in a wine glass and sample products packaged for our client! The facial takes place in a red spa room filled with scented rose candles, rose petals and each step uses products specifically derived from using technology based on rose essence.

Suited for: Special occasions and gifts. Substitutions for rose drink are available.
$125 | 60 min

Parrafin Wax Bath

Paraffin wax has a long history of being used as a heat therapy treatment for muscle pain. With the use of a massage exfoliation removing dead dry skin, we use a soothing and scented mineral wax with the combination of heat to reveal a relaxed, brighter and smoother new feel!.

Suited for: Dry skin and pain relief. For hands, elbows and feet
$30 | 30 min



Some of these treatments exhibit a downtime which could be from as little as 30 minutes or at least up to 5 days. Proper pre and post care instructions will be provided for our clients.

Hydra Oxygen Facial

Red carpet arrival to clean and hydrate your skin . (Acne, Moisture, Oxygenate, Deep Skin Cleaning, Pigmentation Removal, Wrinkle Removal, Whitening Skin, Tightening Skin). Deep skin cleaning with our water and oxygen jet peel.

Suited for: Fatigued Skin, Acne, Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Loose.
$250 | 60 min

Diamond & Crystal Microdermabrasion Facial

Treated areas could observe a few hours of down time.

Suited for: Fine lines, Wrinkles, Large Pores, Acne Scars, Age Spots and Sun Damage
$125 | 60 min

Crystal Microdermabrasion Facial

Exfoliates & Increase Blood Circulation. Cleans deep into pores with little to no down time.

Suited for: Fine lines, Large Pores and Loose Skin, Surface Pigmentation
$95 | 60 min

Anti Aging Tightening System

Non invasive treatment with a combination of vacuum, radio frequency and 904 nm laser making the deep tissue get energy evenly. No harm, no wound and no pain!

Suited for: Removing black circle around eyes, tightening skin, face lifting, improving acne, improving wrinkles on the face and neck.
Prices and timing vary according to treatment area. Consultation required.

IPL Wrinkle Removal Facial

Using intense pulsated light to treat wrinkles and other signs of photoaging. This facial includes proper exfoliation, IPL treatment using protective gel then following a facial mask suited best for wrinkles.

Suited for: Aging skin $500 | 60 min

IPL Pigmentation Removal or Vascular Therapy

Using intense pulsated light to treat problem areas around the body.

Suited for: Age spots, scars, pigmented skin, vascular lesions and prominent veins.
Prices and timing vary according to treatment area. Consultation required.

TCA 3 Layer Chemical Peels

This procedure aims to improve the skin's appearance by removing the outer layer of damaged skin to reveal the underlying layer, which is newer and smoother in texture. TCA chemical peels are more effective than any other face peel currently offered in removing superficial skin.

Suited for: scars, cellulite, loose skin face or body.
Prices and timing vary according to treatment area. Consultation, pre and post care required.


A natural herbal peel to reveal new skin in just five days! Exotic plant and oil components refine the vitality and moisturizing ability of the skin.

Suited for: open pores, skin impurities, pigmented skin (freckles, sun spots), wrinkles, crow’s feet, loose skin etc.
Prices and timing vary according to treatment area. Consultation, pre and post care required.
Additional options available (additional costs may apply): High frequency and Galvanic Treatment.




Cellusage Cellulite Reduction

A non surgical cosmetic solution aimed at diminishing problem areas in your body such as cellulite and body contouring. This treatment includes exfoliation and a mask for the treatment area. This reduces the 'bumpy' dimpled appearance of cellulite, tones and smoothes the skin. Cellulite Reduction promotes fat metabolism and increases blood flow which in turn helps with elasticity.

Suited for: Thighs, abdomen, buttocks.
Prices and timing vary according to treatment area | consult required

IPL Photofacial

Using intense pulsated light to remove wrinkles arising from photoagining. It controls cells with heat prompting it to deal itself by creating new cells.

Suited for: face and body. Wrinkles and loose skin.
Prices and timing vary according to treatment area. Consultation required.

Anti Aging Tightening System for the body

Prices and timing vary according to treatment area. Consultation required.


IPL Hair Removal

Using intense pulsated light to reduce the rate of growth and thickness of your hair.

Prices and timing vary according to treatment area.
Consultation required.

Waxing Services
Full Face Wax $20 | Please see Waxing Price Chart for other areas

Threading Services
Full Face Threading $30 | Please see Threading Price Chart for other areas