Spa Services


All of our facials and targeted treatments start with a proper cleansing, exfoliation and then are finished with toning, moisturizing and sun protection.

Please speak to our skin specialists so they can schedule you for a complimentary skin consultation and suggest what treatment is best for your skin type.

Ayurvedic Facial Massage                                           $
Suited for: All skin types

Rose Facial                                                                      $
Please inquire in advance about our special rose drink.

HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR Customized Facials        $

Cleopatra’s 22 Karat Gold Facial                               $
Suited for: Aging skin

Bio Botox Non Surgical Face Lift                               $
Suited for: All skin types especially aging skin

Eminence Organic Facial                                             $
Suited for: All skin types, premature aging, Sun damage

Hydrating Facial                                                            $
Suited for: Dry skin, Moisture depleted skin

SkinCeuticals Treatment Facial                                  $
Suited for: Aging skin, acne, pigmentation, damaged skin

Whitening & Brightening Facial                                  $
Suited for: Aging skin, hyperpigmentation, sun damage

HydraFacial MD                                               $

Combine all the benefits of the traditional HydraFacial treatment with the added detoxification and de-stressors of steam, massage and a mask.
Suited for: All skin types, ideal for fatigued skin, dull skin, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, loose skin

Microdermabrasion Facials:
Mild Crystal Microdermabrasion                              $
Deep Crystal & Diamond Microdermabrasion       $
Deepest exfoliation on the market while increasing blood circulation on the face or body. Removes surface impurities just after one treatment. Suited for: fine lines, large pores, wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, pigmentation, loose skin.

Chemical Face Peels-TCA, 3 Layer            starting at $
Suited for: scars, cellulite, loose skin.
Prices or timing vary according to treatment area.
Consult & post care required

Glycolic & Lactic Acid Peel                          starting at $

GLAM Teeth Whitening                                                 $
Professional teeth whitening with most latest, advanced & safest lamp using blue & infrared light

Eminence Herbal Cellulite Treatment         starting at $
a nonsurgical solution to diminish problem areas on your body. Reduces the “bumpy” dimpled appearance of cellulite while toning, smoothing the skin and promoting fat metabolism and increasing blood flow. Consult required Suited for: thighs, abdomen, buttocks.

Body Anti Aging Tightening System        starting at $
Encourages the removal of damaged skin cells & fibers, stimulates production of new and healthy collagen fibers beneath the surface increasing elasticity resulting in tighter skin. Consult is complimentary and is required. Suited for: Aging skin, saggy or loose skin. Ideal for post pregnancy and after minor weight loss.

Advanced THERMAGE treatment             starting at $
Used for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction & alleviation of other signs of aging. Painless, non-invasive and requires no recovery time but consistently gives excellent results over the months after treatment. Consult is complimentary and is required. Suited for: Aging skin, wrinkles, jowls, sagging skin, any area of face & body! Prices & timing vary according to treatment area.

Face & Body Treatments

Most effective and safest hair removal on the market! Consult is required, prices vary according to area of treatment & thickness of hair. Packages available.
We offer IPL hair removal as well!

Small area         starting at $+
Medium area    starting at $+
Large area         starting at $+

IPL Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation       starting at $
Targets your entire face or areas of the body where the skin cells need to be regenerated. With the use of intense pulsated light recharge your cells on the first two layers of your skin for a bright, beautiful and glowing complexion

IPL Wrinkle Removal                                                $
With proper exfoliation then using protective gel and intense pulsated light to treat wrinkles & other signs of photo aging following a mask suited best for wrinkles.

IPL Pigmentation Removal                        starting at $
Targets areas of sun damage or pigmentation around the face or body. Prices & timing vary, consult required

IPL Vascular Therapy                                  starting at $
Targets vascular lesions & prominent veins anywhere around the face or body. Prices & timing vary, consult required

Enhance & Indulge

Professional Makeup For all your special occasions get the most experienced makeup professionals around! Includes full set eyelash extensions & body polish. Consult is complimentary & required. Does not include hair services. Prices vary according to makeup artist available.
Party makeup starting at $+
Bridal Makeup starting at $+

Body Polish                                                              starting at $
Give your skin a fresh & even toned look! Prices & timing vary according to area of polish

Human Hair Extensions- Paris Hilton DREAMCATCHERS                                                              Get that hair you always wanted! Focus on increasing length, thickness or BOTH while looking natural and glamorous at the same time! Permanent individual, weft, tape or clip on options available. Straight, wavy or curled styles available. Prices & timing vary according to color, length and style of hair.
Consult complimentary & required.

Keratin Hair Straightening                                   starting at $
We use the latest and best products on the market that give no damage to your hair. Great for strengthening your real hair. (Different options available. Consult complimentary & required. Prices & timing vary according to length & thickness of hair

Laser Hair Growth Comb Treatment            1 Session  $
Pain free & relaxing treatment to stimulate natural growth of hair. Using our organic hair growth oil with a deep condition, we open your hair follicles & nourish them.
Must purchase sessions for visible results

Deep Nourishing Hair Treatment with Steam                  $
Designed to strengthen your hair follicles, nourish the roots and revitalize the scalp which leads to natural hair rebirth, increasing cell metabolism & stimulates blood circulation to scalp.
Includes head & shoulder massage


Full Face                                                                                 $

Full Arms                                                                                $

Full Legs                                                                                 $

Stomach                                                                                 $

Stomach                                                                                 $

Bikini                                                                                        $


Hair Styling                                                                   $

Blow Dry                                                                       $
*Prices vary according to length and thickness of hair

Cut                                                                                  $

Root Touchup                                                               $

Highlights                                                                      $

Partial Highlights                                                          $

Ombre                                                                            $
*Prices vary according to length and thickness of hair

Balayage                                                                         $
*Prices vary according to length and thickness of hair

Balayage                                                                       $
*Prices vary according to length and thickness of hair

Deep Condition with Steam                                          $

Eye Lashes

Full Set Eyelash Extensions                                          $

Trio Set Eyelash Extensions                                          $

MINK Eyelash Extensions                                             $

Eyelash Extension Touchup                                           $
(Only when no removal is needed)


Full Face                                                                                $

Eyebrows                                                                               $

Upper Lip                                                                               $

Chin                                                                                         $